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1DMC (Data Exchange) - independent technology platform, which unites the data providers and data consumers to exchange anonymous knowledge about their audience.


Data providers




Unique daily audience


Data consumers

Unique data about your audience

Data providers

Companies that own large amounts various data about users (search services, mobile applications, payment services, and user data collection platforms)

Data consumers

Companies that experience the need to expand the knowledge of their audience to increase the effectiveness of their business solutions (eCommerce, finance, insurance, digital media)

More than 3000 data attributes

  • Sociodemographic
  • Geo
  • Financial status
  • Job & Education
  • Auto / Moto
  • Real estate
  • Household appliances
  • Gadgets
  • Pets
  • Sport
  • Music
  • Literature
  • Travelling
  • Hobby
  • Beauty
  • Health topic interest
  • Games
  • TV & Radio
  • Clothing and Shoes
  • Food
  • Others...

Opportunities for data consumers

Audience Enrichment

The enrichment of your audience data by the external data in the form of profiles or segments. The service provides the ability to unload profiles periodically and also to get profiles in real time via the API.

Audience Onboarding

The onboarding of segments based on the external data of data providers to the advertising platforms: DoubleClick (Google), MyTarget (, Yandex. Create unique audience segments based on 1st & 3rd party data and use them for targeting in any communication channels and advertising platforms.

Audience Research

The advanced analytics of your audience's interests and behavior, using all available data on the Data exchange. The user has the ability to set any interests and events of the audience for the report building.

Opportunities for data providers

Public Exchange

Monetize your data across all available for consumers data at the 1DMC Data exchange without any risk of your users personal data transfer.

Private Exchange

Get individual partnership with data consumers. You can control the settings of your visibility for other participants of theData Exchange.

Key benefits of 1DMC Data Exchange

   For data Cosumers

Access to 3rd party data with maximum data security for your own audience

Single point of integration and payment to all data providers.

Only branded data. Audit of the data legality and data quality.

Data Analytic tool for external and internal data.

Complete anonymity of your audience during of data acquisition from data provider.

   For data providers

Secure, legal and easy way to monetize your own data

Single point of integration and payment to all data consumers.

Flexible pricing and automated calculations.

Complete anonymity of your audience during the data transfer to data consumer.

Ready taxonomy and cost minimization on the preparation of data.

Solutions for data consumers

Online Advertising

Select an audience to display personalized ads based on accurate knowledge of the audience profiles and increase the advertising response over 25%. Use external data for look-alike modeling and increase the audience available for campaigns over 70M per day. Deliver the received data to any partner's DSP and communication services.


Attract new customers among more than 70M daily audience of the Exchange. Receive real-time signals (triggers) about any customer’s actions and increase the volume of repeat sales over 25%. Use external data to determine the accuracy of goods recommendations and increase the average cash receipt over 15% and return clients from the outflow over 15% more.


Enrich the customer data in your CRM by any information of more than 3000 attributes. Increase the effectiveness of your loyalty programs. Learn the typical profile of those customers wich are interested in you online. Organize Omni-channel communication with customers in the offline and online by a single picture of your audience.


Organize the scoring of the potential lenders on the basis of additional sources of data coming in real-time. Supplement the story of each client external data, improve the accuracy of the estimate over 30%. Capture data about borrowers in the credit portfolio to reassess the probability of defaults.


Show highly relevant content to each segment of visitors of your media resources, using external data of Exchange and increase the user engagement rate and time on the website. Improve the effectiveness of your ad units because of personalizing messages and accurate targeting to each audience segment.

Solutions for data providers


Enlarge the opportunities for monetization of your consumer data at the Exchange. Provide anonymous knowledge about your audience without any compromising confidential information.

B2C services

Get the additional sources of income and improve possibilities for your users with mutual exchange of knowledge about the audience. Online media, online ads, social and other services accumulate large volumes of data and connect to the Exchange to monetize the data.

B2B services

Get the additional sources of income and enhance opportunities for your corporate clients. Advertising services, online analytics, marketing platform and communications services, as well as corporate users of these and other B2B services generate large amounts of data that are available for monetization through the Data Exchange.

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About us

The platform 1DMC (Data Monetization Cloud) is in-house development of the company CleverDATA (in partnership with CleverLEAF UK). The company is an expert in the field of technologies of processing and analysis of large amounts of information. The CleverDATA specialize on the building of failsafe and scalable platforms for managing and processing large amounts of data in real time and creating highly loaded systems for the purpose of finance, retail, e-commerce, telecom and AdTech industries. The CleverDATA company also develops the competence in the field of Data Mining including predictive analytics and machine learning.

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